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New Jersey’s Premier Remodeling Contractor is the Leader in Design Build Firms


If you are thinking about remodeling your home, you probably have a lot of questions you want answers to. We know that it’s difficult for you and your family to live through the dust and noise of renovation. Will the there be cost overruns and delays in the schedule? Will we be able to cook in our kitchen? In our first meeting your questions will be answered and your expectations will be set. You will benefit from our experience of remodeling 100s of homes in your area. Most importantly, we emphasize respecting your space and giving you piece of mind.


Hofmann specializes in the design and build process, providing a complete service that takes the burden off you and puts it squarely on us. You want beauty, functionality and quality craftsmanship and we know it has to fit your budget.  That’s why Hofmann Design Build is your best choice. Our award wining designers and architects will leave you breathless with an amazing design, brilliant use of space and a final price tag that meets your budget.


Design and build is a team process whereby you, the homeowner, has a complete team of architects, designers and craftsmen at your disposal without the need to manage any part of the process. Just leave that to us. The efficiencies of our design build process will end up saving you money when the dust settles. We charge considerably less than an architectural firm and we use true and current material costs when estimating the overall design.  The final cost will meet your budget with no more than a possible 1% contingency. Our initial consultation is a no-cost, no obligation visit to your home. This is a “get to know you” meeting that sets the stage for your project. We learn what your goals are, what you consider beautiful or luxurious, and then prepare a preliminary budget. If the budget meets your approval, we move to the next step: Design and Concept.


We all work together as a team. We meet with you to interpret your vision and create drawings and options for you to choose. Once you determine your choice, we tie up all the loose ends like cabinetry, fixtures, lighting and move to the next step; construction. Hofmann uses a dedicated team of craftsmen that are on the job until it is finished. They take over from the design team and build your vision to expectation and beyond. Our attention to detail and use of quality products means your project is built to last.


Custom Homes 


Hofmann Design Build is not just a remodeling contractor. We design and build exquisite custom homes to match your lifestyle, your family needs, and your aspirations. We have been building custom homes for 33 years, which makes the Hofmann team highly qualified to plan, design and build your unique home. Our creative design and superb workmanship will give you satisfaction every time you put the key in the door.  Hofmann is ready to make this incredibility stressful process easy to live with and fun to be involved in. Our experts will guide you through the architectural and design phase. We will help you choose the cabinets, fixtures and flooring, and our craftsmen will build the home to exceed your expectations. Custom homes built by Hofmann Design Build are a beautiful blend of style, luxury and craftsmanship; built exclusively for you. When you are ready to build your dream, let the leader in design build show you how easy it can be.



Feasibility Meeting

We will arrange a complimentary site meeting to view the existing conditions and discuss the feasibility, design options, and project budget.


Preliminary Research

We research local zoning ordinances and provide zoning calculations to determine compliance with existing zoning ordinances and determine the necessary variance requirements.


Architectural Design

Our design team will coordinate the architectural design and drawings for your project. In some cases we will work with a client’s architect who is outside our design team.



Our construction team will develop preliminary budgets throughout the design process.


Kitchen Design

Our design team will provide a complete kitchen design including drawings, material and product selections and color coordination.


Material and Product Selections

Our design team will guide you through the selection of all materials and products related to the remodeling project, document the selections and include the selected products and materials in the final construction estimate.



Our superb and highly skilled team of construction managers and craftsmen will develop a construction schedule and then meticulously build and supervise every aspect of the construction project to completion.


Interior Design

Our design team professionals can coordinate a complete interior design package with the project design.