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Our personal comfort is important to us. This is especially true of the time we spend in our bathrooms.  Until recently, the trend was to have a bathtub and shower combination possibly adding a Jacuzzi in.  We never really said it out load, but the tub was low and not really comfortable. The new trend is a flash back to the way the Japanese used bathtubs over the ages.  They were built for soaking and relaxing.  The tub was designed to fit the body and make it comfortable to soak for longer periods of time.   Western culture has embraced the Japanese way and tubs today are beautiful and comfortable.  They are meant to sooth the body and soak away tension with a luxurious preparations and oils. After we soak, we move to the shower where technology has given us an LCD shower panel where we set the flow, the temperature maybe some steam and of course the music.  The newest addition to bathroom technology is Chromotherpy (the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need to buy toilet paper or need to use our hands to finish our journey on the toilet bowl.  The technology is here and was actually invented in 1964. The Japanese have largely been credited with the “smart” toilet bowl, but the truth is that Arnold Cohen of Brooklyn invented it and patented it.  He then licensed the technology to the Japanese who perfected and mass produced it in Japan first and then world.  Now we can control water temperature, the stream flow and the dryer making our bathroom a new comfort zone.


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