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What can Hofmann do for you

Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.

Expert Home Architect Services

Architecture is the combination of art and science.  Our licensed architects will create a beautiful design that satisfies your needs and formulate the materials we use to build a safe and sound foundation that will last a lifetime. This combination of art and science is an incredibly important part of our design build process and a major benefit for you.  Our team of architects, designers and construction professionals work together to check and double check that every element of the process will fit within your budget.

Normally, architectural firms do not have a staff of material buyers and craftsman they can consult with. That’s why project need to be bid on before a real budget can be set. They don’t have access to current material costs and an estimate of how long a design will take to build.  Hofmann Design Build is able to keep your budget intact and deliver your home on time.  That’s why design build is the smart choice.

An Architect Ensures a Trouble-Free Renovation or Addition 

Almost every home addition, remodeling project, custom home or complete tear down needs an architect to pull the project together. Some projects need it by town regulations, some projects need it just to bring order to chaos, and some projects need it to complete the flow, the feeling and the design of your home. You can be sure that Hofmann Design Build will guarantee unsurpassed beauty and total satisfaction with your home improvement.

Our Home Design Architect Lays the Foundation

The Hofmann step by step process starts with a meeting between you, our home design architect and our design team supervisor. This meeting sets the tone for the rest of the project. We learn about you and we learn about your personal needs and vision which enables us to give you our vision of your project. With this invaluable information, our team is able to create an artful and well coordinated plan. Our supervisor becomes the link between your home architect and your construction team, ensuring the continuity of your project as it goes through the construction phase. With the Hofmann team, your project will pass municipal regulations, there will be a clear and well coordinated plan on how to build it and your home will be beautiful and have architectural continuity that will give you pride every time you view it and entertain your friends. Our home design architects will create a work of art that not only matches your vision and your budget but exceeds your expectations.


Commercial Construction


The design/build process lends itself to many applications including office remodeling and construction. If your budget is driving your decision about what to include in the design, then Hofmann can match design and construction to meet your needs. Another very important aspect of commercial construction is meeting your schedule. Whatever phase of design and construction is most important to you, Hofmann Design Build has the experience, creativity, and manpower to make your office comfortable and an excellent reflection of your corporate values.


Residential Construction


Since 1983, Ernie Hofmann and Hofmann Design Build has been servicing the community with whole house renovation, new additional and custom homes. We have grown steadily since we drove the first nail in our first remodeling job into a well-established design build firm. The services we provide have been customized over the years to make it easier to live your life through a major or minor home remodeling job. Our process is designed around you and your family’s needs. From our first meeting until our last, your input guides us through design and construction, creating a reproduction of the beauty you imagined and the luxury you expected. All of it — delivered on time and in budget.


One Week Bathroom


One Week Bathroom stems from of the idea that your bathroom renovation should be a quick, painless and enjoyable process. Every bathroom is different and unique. To be sure your bathroom meets your expectations, we have outlined our One Week Bathroom Renovation Process to help keep you informed of the steps involved in making your bathroom your personal sanctuary. Our team of superb design and construction professionals will work to make your dream bathroom a reality.


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Living Spaces Kitchens


A Living Spaces Kitchen is an expression of you and an experience that touches your senses. Your kitchen will be a combination of Creativity, Beauty and Functionality working together to capture your dream.


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Homeowner Tips


check Avoid Basement Floods

If your basement tends to flood and you live in an area where thunderstorms, floods or blackouts tend to knock-out the power, consider buying a sump pump that will operate on its own power. Most of these are intended to be auxiliary pumps used in tandem with the primary pump. They kick- in if the main pump fails. One type runs on a 12-volt battery. Another is hooked up to the house’s water system and operates by water pressure.

check Drink the Cleanest Water

Consider investing in a 5-stage water purifier which reduces mineral content of water by 96% and removes chlorine and other bad tastes to provide high quality drinking water right at your kitchen sink. No need to purchase bottled water which takes up a lot of room in your refrigerator!

check Stone Countertop Maintenance

Have your stone countertops sealed by a professional stone care specialist at least once or twice a year (depending on use) to maintain clean and stain-free surfaces. You can seal the stone counters yourself with the application of a stone cleaner and then sealer available at W.D. Virtue Tile in Summit, NJ 908 273 6936 Stone counters, including granite are porous and sealing the stone reduces the ability for water and oil to penetrate into the surface.

check Light Dimmers

By shedding the right amount and quality of light on a given space, dimmer switches reduce wasted electricity and heat build-up, saving you money. They also help you sculpt spaces with light to create warm, inviting interiors. A dimmer switch allows you to adjust the desired light level for various room activities.

check Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

Have your hardwood floors screened and recoated every 3 – 5 years (depending on use) to prolong the life of the floor. This also reduces the need to perform heavy sandings which create clouds of dust and are significantly more costly.

check Reduce Bathroom Mildew

Turning on the ventilation fan in your bathroom after every shower significantly reduces unsightly mildew build-up in the shower and on the walls and ceiling of your entire bath. Small bathroom ceilings should be painted with a mold resistant paint. Also make sure the fan is cleaned regularly to remove dust build-up to allow for maximum ventilation.

check Avoid Water Damage

Investing in a Watts IntelliFlow shut-off valve will prevent unfortunate water damage by shutting off water in your washing machine after the washing cycle is complete. It senses the lack of current and closes the water inlet valves until the machine is used again. The newest IntelliFlow also provides an additional level of security should a hose burst while the washing machine is in operation!

check HVAC Maintenance

Arrange to be placed on your HVAC contractor’s service agreement so that you are scheduled to have your air conditioning system serviced in April and your heating unit serviced in September to avoid prime heating and cooling months. Waiting for the first hot day or first freeze will decrease your contractor’s availability!

check Closing Wood Doors In The Summer

Interior and exterior wood doors tend to swell in the summer and shrink in the winter. Make sure all edges including the top and the bottom of all wood doors are sealed with 3 coats of finish (paint or clear coat) to prevent further swelling.

check Exterior House Painting Maintenance

Schedule your painter to touch-up areas on the exterior of your home on an as-needed basis to avoid wood rotting and scaling of paint. Ongoing maintenance of the exterior of your home will save you money in the long run.

check Staining Your Cedar Deck

Allow a minimum of 6 months before staining a cedar deck to allow for proper weathering. Also, remember to power wash the deck to remove all dirt and debris before staining.