New Jersey Bathroom Remodeling

We specialize in creating stunning designer-style bathrooms. Our method reduces remodeling stress, letting our designers guide you through the process and incorporating your taste and style into the final project. Our crew is on the job every day until your bathroom is complete. We only use high-quality products, including name brands like Kohler, Caesarstone, Sagehill, and many others. Our experienced team loves solving problems and creating a bathroom that looks and functions perfectly.

Our Bathroom Division

Our Specialized Division for Bathroom Remodels

One Week Bathroom

Our specialized division, One Week Bathroom, provides comprehensive bathroom design and remodeling services in northern New Jersey. We excel in renovating, reconfiguring, and expanding existing bathrooms within your current home footprint. Our team of bathroom experts meticulously plans, designs, and builds each project, ensuring a seamless transformation.

I had a great experience with the Hofmann Design team for my bathroom renovation. Their team did wonderful work, from the design to the finishing. The group was professional, respectful, and incredibly talented. A high-quality job with a beautiful result!

Bathroom Inspiration

Explore our curated selection of bathroom transformations, designed to inspire your next home oasis.

Mosaic | Modern | Minimalist

This contemporary bathroom features a mosaic tile backsplash that frames the mirror. Below, a sleek vanity with a light wood finish and clean lines offers a modern touch, complemented by a white countertop. Wall-mounted sconces provide ambient lighting. On the adjacent wall, framed animal photographs add a personal and whimsical element. The space is completed with a minimalist white toilet and monochromatic towels, creating a clean and inviting atmosphere.

Luxurious | Marble | Spacious

A spacious walk-in shower boasts floor-to-ceiling marble look porcelain tiles for a seamless and luxurious look. Both a rain showerhead and a handheld sprayer offer versatile use. Smaller tiles compose the shower floor, offering a secure footing and a cohesive design. Clear glass doors give the space an open, expansive feel. A cozy white towel hangs to the side, poised for use. The overall design radiates sleekness, modernity, and elegance.

Dual-Sink | Bright | Streamlined

A double sink with a white quartz countertop anchors the bathroom vanity. Framed mirrors hang above each sink, complemented by classic sconce lighting on either side. Sleek silver hardware adorns the multiple drawers and cabinet doors, providing ample storage. The white cabinetry coordinates with the room’s monochromatic palette. A cut-out area under the vanity facilitates seated grooming. Large porcelain tiles in a diamond pattern make up the flooring, enhancing the clean, cohesive, and elegant design.

Sleek | Airy | Organized

Gray-toned porcelain tiles span the floor, climbing the side of a freestanding bathtub. Above the vanity, rectangular mirrors reflect natural light from the adjacent window. Modern wall sconces cast a soft glow alongside the mirrors. A spacious gray vanity provides abundant storage and hosts dual sinks, maximizing functionality. The overall atmosphere exudes a calm, serene elegance with a touch of nature visible through the window.

Bright | Spa-like | Tranquil

This bathroom features a modern design with a freestanding oval bathtub as the centerpiece. It has a white color scheme with marble look porcelain tile flooring in a herringbone pattern. A large window with a white shade provides natural light and a view outside. To the left, there’s a white toilet and a wall-mounted towel warmer. On the wall opposite the bathtub, a piece of wall art adds a pop of color. A wooden bath caddy spans the tub’s width, holding bath accessories. The overall feel is clean, bright, and luxurious.

Chic | Monochromatic | Textured

A floating vanity in dark blue offers ample storage with sleek drawer pulls. Above, a large rectangular mirror with rounded corners and a metal frame enhances the wall’s horizontal subway tile backdrop. Flanking the mirror, elegant wall sconces emit ‌‌warm light. The shower area includes a practical handheld showerhead with white tiles, continuing the clean, minimalist aesthetic. Hexagonal tiles on the floor add a subtle pattern and contrast to the bathroom’s modern design.

Types of Bathrooms

Bathrooms vary based on size, layout, and features. Common types include:

Standard Full Bathroom: Includes a toilet, sink, shower, and often a tub.
Three-Quarter Bathroom: Features a toilet, sink, and shower, but no tub.
Half Bathroom/Powder Room: Contains only a toilet and sink.
En-Suite Bathroom: Attached to a bedroom. Offers privacy and convenience.
Jack and Jill Bathroom: Shared between two bedrooms.
Wet Bathroom: Entirely waterproof with an open shower area.
Luxury Bathroom: High-end fixtures, large space, often spa-like.
Accessible Bathroom: Designed for easy use by people with disabilities.

Essential Bathroom Components

Every bathroom has essential components. These include:

Toilet: The most essential part. It comes in various designs and water efficiencies.
Sink: Integral for daily hygiene. Sinks vary in style, from pedestal to undermount.
Shower: A key feature in full bathrooms. Options range from simple setups to luxury systems.
Bathtub: Offers relaxation. Bathtubs can be standard, soaking, or whirlpool.
Vanity: Combines storage and style. It often includes the sink and counter space.
Mirror: Essential for grooming. Mirrors can be basic or include lighting and anti-fog features.
Storage: Crucial for organization. Options include cabinets, shelves, and medicine chests.
Lighting: Vital for functionality and ambiance. Choices include overhead, task, and mood lighting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the some bathroom remodeling frequently asked questions:

Why Bathroom Remodeling?

A newly remodeled bathroom can provide satisfaction and enjoyment for homeowners and their guests. Here are four reasons why it’s worth investing in one:

Increase the value of your property

One of the best benefits of bathroom remodeling is that it can increase your property’s resale value. A new and modern bathroom can attract more potential buyers and help you sell your home faster.

Improve functionality

A bathroom remodeling project can help you improve the functionality of your bathroom. This means you can add features that’ll make your bathroom more efficient and more customized to your needs.

Enhance aesthetics

A bathroom renovation can also help you enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. This means you can choose high-end materials, fixtures, and accessories that’ll give your bathroom a fresh and updated look.

Reduce Water Usage

You can save money by replacing old fixtures with energy-efficient ones. This means you can reduce your water bills and lower your carbon footprint while enjoying a more modern and comfortable bathroom.

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