New Jersey Home Addition Remodeling

Are you looking to add more space to your home? Hoffman’s designers have you covered. We love creating functional and sustainable designs that seamlessly integrate a new addition into your existing home. From expanding your kitchen to adding a new bedroom, we can design a custom solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Trust us to create a stunning and practical addition that complements your home.

Hofmann Design Build is a top-notch company. I hired them for a kitchen addition and house renovation. They were true professionals. Ernie and his staff had great design ideas, followed a detailed timeline, and their work was high-quality. It’s been almost ten years since my project, and I would use them again without hesitation. They were reliable and paid attention to every detail.

Why a Home Addition?

A home addition offers numerous benefits to homeowners:

Increased Home Value

Adding square footage to your home can increase its value by tens of thousands of dollars. This investment can pay off in the long term, whether you decide to sell your home or not.

Extra Living Space

Home additions can provide extra space for a growing family or additional rooms for specific purposes, such as a home gym or office.

Customization Options

Home additions allow you to customize your living space to meet your needs and preferences. This can include features such as custom cabinets, built-in storage, or larger living areas.

Lower Cost Than Moving

Home additions allow you to avoid the costs and hassles of moving by providing additional space within your existing home. In many cases, a home addition can cost significantly lower than purchasing a larger home.

Types of Home Additions

You can choose from various types of home additions. Each comes with significant benefits and adds value to your home. Depending on your budget, needs, and preferences, you can select the one that suits you best and enjoy the many benefits that come with it.

Sunroom Addition

This type of home addition allows more natural light into your home. It enhances your home’s interior and provides a perfect space for relaxation and entertaining.

Second Story Addition

Extends the upper part of your house and creates more living space. It’s ideal for families who need extra bedrooms or a playroom for their children.

Garage Addition

An excellent option for individuals looking to add more storage space or want a secure place to park their cars. It’s a great project that enhances your home’s value and functionality.

Kitchen Addition

Is perfect for individuals or families who enjoy cooking and entertaining. It creates more space, improves functionality, and allows you to upgrade your outdated appliances.

In-Law Suite Addition

Ideal for multi-generational families, and it provides extra living space for relatives and guests. It contains a bedroom, bathroom, and living area, allowing for more privacy and independence.

Mudroom Addition

Another type of home addition that improves functionality by providing a practical space for storing boots, shoes, coats, and backpacks. It helps to keep the rest of your home clean and tidy.

Home Office Addition

Creates a comfortable and productive environment for people who work from home. It’s a perfect project that enhances your home’s value and boosts productivity.

Bathroom Addition

Adding a bathroom to your home is another excellent investment you can make. It increases your home’s functionality and can even provide a spa-like oasis to relax after a long day.

Design-Build Advantage

Transforming your home is a big decision. We recommend selecting a company that offers design and build services for a streamlined process and the best results. Our design-build service is the perfect solution. You'll work with one team from start to finish and save money. Additionally, with a contingency fund of only 1% of the final price, you won't have to worry about unexpected costs and hidden fees. Count on our team to guide you every step of the way.

Design-Build Process


Our initial consultation is a no-cost, no-obligation visit to your home. This step is a "get to know you" meeting that sets the stage for your project. We'll prepare a preliminary budget that aligns with your needs. If approved, we'll dive into the design.


You'll receive clarity and direction during the design phase. We'll bring your vision to life and present 3D renderings with various options. You'll also make your selections – from cabinetry to lighting – before moving on to construction.


Our craftsmen will work tirelessly on your project. We care about the details and only use high-quality products to guarantee longevity. Since living through a renovation is challenging, Hofmann does everything possible to make your family comfortable.

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